Breath & Movement Integration - Item 560 Physio-led Group Consultation
August 2 (Friday) at 12:30 pm

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Susanna Davey 2691042H
Class length
1 hour
Enjoy the strengthening benefits of core exercises combined with the mindfulness and breath awareness of yoga. Challenge yourself to better understand how to safely move through poses with a deeper awareness of the connection the breath has to the mind and body. You will learn to control your movement to its edge (rather than beyond) and cultivate a deeper attention to your internal self to help you live more presently.

The quality of your breath has a profound affect on the way you move. This class will give you the opportunity to connect with your own breath, helping you to stay centered, focused and present from within. The classes will end with focused breathing exercises and relaxation.

Our classes are taught by physiotherapists, who pay particular attention to the specific control requirements of basic movement patterns to ensure safe, individualised exercise to improve function and prevent injury.

We welcome beginners to this class, however if you are new to our Studio you must first be assessed by one of our physiotherapists to establish any relevant medical or injury history. We will assess your suitability and teach you the basic principles of core recruitment and establish your health and fitness goals. Please phone our reception on 9968 2666 to make your assessment appointment prior to booking your class

Improve your understanding I Control your movement I Enhance your performance


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